Our team - Nesti Housing

Jen Keenan

Jen joined Nesti in April 2024 and brings her broad and valuable background in residential real estate, construction and health & wellbeing to the team. Her dedication to providing honest, reliable and quality service whilst building long lasting and solid relationships has underpinned her decades long career. Jen is driven by a passion to improve the lives of her clients and their families and to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible.

Jen has joined the Nesti team as the SDA Development Coordinator to work closely with our developer partners throughout the feasibility, procurement, design, construction and onboarding phases of their SDA projects. She works together with the rest of the Housing Engagement team to achieve the best outcomes for the participants who will call these projects home. Networking and business development is an integral part of Jen’s role, and she enjoys making connections that lead to beneficial outcomes and make a positive difference in people’s lives. Her calm, warm, friendly and easy going nature combined with her attention to detail, skills and experience make this varied role ideal for Jen.

Outside work Jen’s favourite place is the beach. She finds the ocean, fresh air and sunshine to bring great joy and contentment to her soul. She enjoys the simple things in life like beautiful walks in nature, relaxing with friends and family and spending time with her beautiful cat. Yoga and meditation have been a big part of Jen’s life, and although she has less time for these things these days, they are important to helping her find peace and calm amongst the busyness of daily life.