Nesti Realty

Western Australia’s Profit for Purpose
Real Estate Agency.

Nesti Realty is a commercially operated not-for-profit real estate agency, distinguished with an experienced team, all backed by the support of Nesti Housing.

Delivering traditional real estate sales and property management services in the private market – we operate as a social enterprise, generating a profit that is reinvested back into social and affordable housing projects for Nesti Housing.

By choosing to work with us, you not only benefit from competitive and ethical solutions for property investment but also directly contribute to a positive social impact.

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Our Why

The housing crisis in Western Australia is an increasingly complex situation with over 34,000 people currently on the waitlist for a home.

Nesti is committed to delivering housing solutions to the Western Australian community to ensure that every person has a place to call home. Every dollar of profit generated by Nesti Realty is put back into social and community housing – including securing land for building homes for the disabled, constructing affordable housing for those in crisis or rental stress, aiding individuals experiencing homelessness, and supporting those escaping domestic violence.

Whilst we continue to manage SDA Housing, our expansion into traditional real estate not only keeps fees lower but also ensures a quality service, embodying our commitment to ‘property with heart.’ We take pride in knowing that every dollar spent and earned contributes to helping people live their best lives.

Our People

Our team - Nesti Housing

Pam Herron
0413 610 660

Pam is the founding Licensee of Nesti Realty and brings more than 30 years real estate experience to the group. She has owned and operated several real estate agencies in Perth since 1988. Having sold her real estate practice a few years ago, Pam was approached by James Allbeury to help get Nesti Realty off the ground and put her knowledge and experience to good use in the “For Purpose” industry.

In Pam’s own words “it is an honour and a privilege to work in the social/disability housing sector whilst providing a real estate service like no other. It truly is “Property with Heart”.

Our board - Nesti Housing

James Allbeury
0401 172 314

James is Managing Director of the Nesti Group which incorporates Nesti Housing a registered SDA Provider and Nesti Community Housing a registered Tier 3 community housing provider. James is a dedicated corporate professional with 15 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector, focusing on disability and community. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated proficiency in creating, leading, and optimising marketing and business strategies for diverse companies and brands.

Driven by a deep commitment to social justice, James firmly believes that housing should be a fundamental right accessible to all individuals. In response to the critical need for affordable and sustainable housing solutions, he has actively immersed himself in initiatives aimed at addressing this issue. In 2022, he played a pivotal role in establishing Nesti Housing, an organisation dedicated to tackling housing challenges. James’s educational background includes a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Curtin University, as well as a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice and a Diploma of Property (Agency Management). By contributing his expertise and passion for social impact, James strives to create a more just and inclusive society where safe and affordable housing is accessible to all members.

Our team - Nesti Housing

Jodi Darlington
0413 610 661

Jodi has worked in the real estate industry since 1992. Bringing a wealth of experience in all departments of real estate from Administration, Property Management, personal assistant to Pam Herron (Director/Licensee Nesti Realty) and most recently a respected Sales representative/property partner.

Jodi is a highly regarded, honest, reliable and easy to deal with person. Jodi has now joined Nesti Realty to work in all areas of traditional Real Estate which will include Sales, Property Management and Administration. There is nothing she doesn’t know about running a successful real estate agency.

Our team - Nesti Housing

Robyn McArthur
0416 041 143

Robyn has been in the real estate industry since 2012 and joined Nesti Housing in 2017 to expand her real estate career into the supervision of housing for the disabled and disadvantaged whilst still handling traditional property management.

In 2019, she entered the Community Housing sector, carrying with her seven years of experience from the private rental industry. With a decade of diverse experience in boutique and corporate agencies. Along with this she also holds a Certificate IV in Property Services. In her current role, Robyn takes on a diverse set of responsibilities, including working with people with disability, young people, people at risk of homelessness, justice and private residential for the disabled.

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Nesti Realty Website coming soon!