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Australian housing provider

At Nesti, we provide property, tenancy, and asset management services to create housing
solutions for people that require support to access housing. This includes Specialist Disability
Accommodation, disability housing, justice and reintegration, and transitional accommodation.

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Specialist Disability Accomodation (SDA)

We work closely with people who wish to live more independently and want to explore their options to live in a new SDA home. This includes support to apply for SDA funding, finding a suitable property, and identifying housemates to live with if that’s what you choose.

Community Housing

As a registered Community Housing Provider, Nesti provides crisis, transitional and long-term housing. We match people to properties by assigning housing according to individual requirements.

Landlords and Property Developers

Nesti offers a holistic SDA and community housing property management service that connects landlords and property developers with SDA participants and their service providers.

Why Choose Nesti?

As a registered community and SDA housing provider, Nesti is also a licensed real estate agency that works with private investors, landlords, NGOs, service providers and property developers.

Our vision is to create a community where everyone belongs and feels connected. Our purpose is clear: We empower people to live their best life.

At Nesti we’re Bringing Opportunity Home.

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